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J Camp Parent Resources

Everything you and your camper need to know!

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Medication Authorization:

All information in the health records is kept confidential and health details shared with staff only when necessary for proper care and safety.

Long-Term Authorization   Short-Term Authorization   Self-Administration Authorization


Camp Store

You can order store items when you enroll your camper through CampDoc. Or download the J Camp Store order form and return to The J’s Front Reception Desk or scan and e-mail it to us. Campers will receive their store items during Camper Orientation or the first week they attend Camp.


J Camp Lunch

Campers have the option to bring a sack lunch or to purchase catered lunches. When bringing lunch, please refrain from shellfish, pork, and nuts. Juice and water are provided daily.

Campers can choose to bring their own lunch or pre-order purchase through CampDoc or use the form. Due to the nature of the program, lunch is not available for Ma’asim Tovim campers.

We have two options for ordering lunch:

  1. Hy-Vee will provide a kosher-style meal which will not contain nuts
  2. The J Heritage Center Kitchen will provide a Vaad supervised Kosher lunch which will not contain nuts

Lunches are available by the day during special sessions (Blast-Off, July Jamboree, and Last Blast). Ma’asim Tovim campers can purchase lunch during July Jamboree.

J Campers who have ordered lunch will be provided a sack lunch on field trip days if campers are eating off-site.

Lunch fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. Orders must be placed the Wednesday before the camp week starts.

If you have questions, please contact us via e-mail or at (913) 327-8004.

Sample Kosher Menu  2020 Lunch Menu


CDC Camp Lunch

Children in CDC camp can choose to bring their own lunch, or order a Vaad supervised, kosher lunch during the enrollment process on CampDoc.


Early + Late Care

J Camp offers extended care hours for campers during the summer. Early and Late Care programs are located in the After-School rooms on the 3rd floor, above The J Main Lobby. Campers will participate in a variety of activities. School-age Campers can enroll for one or more days or for an entire week. Early and Late Care spots are limited. Enroll early!

Early Care is available Monday through Friday, 7 – 9 am. Enrolled Campers are offered a light breakfast if they arrive by 8:30 am. Staff will walk enrolled Campers to the J Camp drop-off location at the HBHA basketball courts at 8:45 am.

Late Care is available Monday through Friday, 4 – 6 pm. Staff will pick up enrolled Campers at the HBHA basketball courts and walk them to the After-School rooms. Campers are offered an afternoon snack.


Permission to leave Camp independently

J Campers who are entering 5th Grade or older may get parental permission to leave J Camp independently when dismissed between 3:45 - 4:00 pm. Parents must sign the parental permission form in the CampDoc Authorizations section.

When parents give permission, once dismissed after Camp, independent Campers 5th Grade and older will not be supervised and parents must arrange a time and place to pick them up. The independent youth must be able to be trusted and agree to be in approved areas of the Jewish Community Campus. Approved areas include the Main Lobby, and if they are a J Member, they must show their J Membership card to go to open areas of the pool, gym, or raquetball courts.

Independent youth must behave themselves and act appropriately. The J reserves the right to remove the option of a youth continuing to leave independently if they are not able to follow the rules.


Camper Get Camper - J Camp Referral Program

Talk about J Camp and get rewarded!

Tell your friends, colleagues, and neighbors about the benefits of the J Camp! There is a real benefit for YOU too when you refer new Campers.

For every Camper you refer and who signs up for J Camp in 2021, the referring family (that's you!) will receive $25 per week for each full-time week in which the new family enrolls their child(ren), or $12.50 for each part-time week they enroll.

The new family must not have attended J Camp in 2019 or 2020. Complete our easy online referral form.


Financial Assistance for Camp

The Jewish Community Center welcomes all families to consider participation in our programs. For those wishing to apply for financial assistance, please review the information below.

Note: J Camp enrollment through Camp Doc must be completed prior to applying for financial assistance.

  1. Choose all the camp sessions that your child will be enrolled in. Financial assistance is only applicable to be used towards camp session fees, including early and late care.
  2. Complete the online application form at this link.
  3. Deadline for financial assistance is April 15th. Applications will still be accepted after this date, however, funds may no longer be available or could be substantially reduced.
  4. Once all documents have been submitted, the application will go through a review process. Apply early, as it may take 3-5 weeks to complete the review process.
    Reminder: Submit your J Camp Enrollment online PRIOR to applying for financial assistance. Your child cannot attend Camp until financial assistance has been approved and paperwork completed.

Questions? Please contact Tammy Ruder at (913) 981-8878 or by email.


Special Needs + Inclusion

The Jewish Community Center is able to support a limited number of children with special needs for J Camp, primarily through funding by Sasone and the Jewish Federation of Greater Kansas City. If your child has special needs or requires assistance to successfully function in a group setting and wants to attend J Camp, before enrolling, please contact the appropriate J Camp Director:

School-Age J Camp Director                                        Child Development Center (CDC) Camp
DD Gass | (913) 327-8079                                               Machaela Whelan | (913) 327-8051            


Contact J Camp

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