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Jewish Experiences 4

My Jewish Kitchen - Baking. Learning. Fun!

Oct 26 - Aug 2
6:30 - 8:00 PM
Cost: $16/session/pre-registration required

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For ages 9-12 and an accompanying adult 

 “Visit” China, NYC, Argentina, Israel, Russia, and France with us and enjoy a true-life Jewish tale from a native of the country we cover each week. Bake a yummy kosher dish and enjoy a taste of what you’ve made. NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED and we provide everything!

  • October 26 - China - Vegetarian egg rolls and sauce
  • December 7  - New York - Black/white cookies and creme soda
  • February 22 - Argentina - Empenadas
  • May 10 - Israel - Challah + spreads
  • June 21 - Russia - Kasha varnika
  • Aug. 2 - France - Cinnamon-sugar Palmiers


Questions? Call Jill Maidhof 913.327.8077 or Deb Brown 913.327.8046


Beginning Biblical Hebrew

Learn Ivrit Mikra'it (Biblical Hebrew) in a Beginners' 3 part course at The J!

Drawing on her studies of Biblical Hebrew as well as the archaeology and history of Ancient Israel, instructor Jordan Gripe Lemmon combines language instruction and  information about  the ancient world in which the Bible was written. The college-level curriculum is uniquely engaging and easy to use.

The course is geared towards beginning learners who have learned the Aleph Bet (those not already familiar with the Hebrew alphabet are still encouraged to register, but to also contact the instructor for accommodations).

$135 per person for continuing students who own the text
All modules will utilize the same textbook.

Located in the Heritage Center

Module 4: Tuesdays from January 16 - March 6 from 6:30-8:30 pm in the Heritage Center

Join us for Module 4 Biblical Hebrew at the J! Building on the elements of Modules 1-3, we will develop a deeper understanding of Biblical grammar in unpacking more elements of the original Biblical text in the narratives of Garden of Eden, Joseph, and Abraham. We'll dive in to the future tense of verbs, as well as the נפעל (passive) and התפעל (reflexive) verb types, expanding our vocabulary as we go. After this module, you'll be well on your way to comprehending the main points of nearly any Biblical passage! (Prerequisite: Modules 1-3)

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Module 2: Thursdays from March 8 - April 26 from 6:30-8:30 pm in the Heritage Center

Building on the concepts taught in Module 1, Jordan Lemmon offers language instruction and historical context in this lively and highly interactive class. We will delve into the world of verbs as we begin to navigate the text of Abraham and Isaac. By the end of this module, you will be able to not only read, hear and understand, but also speak in full sentences to describe happenings within Biblical texts! (Prerequisite: Module 1) 

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For registration questions, contact Jill Maidhof at 913-327-8077

For course-related inquiries, contact instructor Jordan Gripe-Lemmon at 913-915-2359

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