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Tangled Roots

Jewish Experiences - Installations

Jewish Inside The J

When you visit The J, we want you to feel warmly welcomed into an environment that reflects Jewish values and traditions. Jewish Experiences at The J provides information about Jewish holidays, Shabbat tables, Jewish art exhibitions, and more. 




Wall of Respect

The original Wall of Respect was an outdoor mural created in 1967 by a group of Chicago artists from the Organization of Black American Culture. Inspiring redevelopment and positive political activism, The Wall gave birth to a national Community Mural Movement.

We marked the 50th anniversary of the Wall by honoring and expanding upon the spirit of its makers. Our outcome was not a static painting, but rather a 12-foot yurt, or round tent, informed by stories from our community and created by selected artists overseeing the work of youth and adults from all over the KC metro area. The piece celebrates the unique cultural contributions to Kansas City made by the Native American, Jewish, African American, Latino/Hispanic and Asian communities living among us.


Since completion, "The Wall" has traveled throughout the KC metro area, including InterUrban ArtHouse, Tangled Roots Festival, and The Dialogue Institute, bringing awareness and inspiration to many communities.  If you would like to bring The Wall to your site, please contact Jill Maidhof




Past Installations + Exhibits


A collection of visual works, beautiful and raw, by survivors of spiritual, physical,
or emotional trauma brave enough to share their experiences





With Lynn Rae Lowe, Award-Winning Metal Art Judaica, Gifts & Programs


Photos of Other Exhibits

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Andi Arnovitz Exhibit | May 2014 Arnovitz
Andi Arnovitz Exhibit | May 2014 Arnovitz2
Jewish Inside The J: Shabbat Installations1
Jewish Inside The J: Passover Installations2
Sights & Sites in New York | January 2014 NewYorkExhibit
Shabbat banners created by local teens ShabbatBanners
Tangled Roots Exhibit | September 2013 TangledRoots
Other Photo Albums

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