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The Vaad HaKashruth of Kansas City is a community service organization composed of Rabbinic and lay leadership. Its mission is to facilitate and make available kosher food for the public through kosher certification, supervision, education and inspection, for caterers, wholesale and retail food vendors, and food production companies in the Kansas City region.


July 2019 News

Who doesn't enjoy cold drinks and refreshing treats during the summer heat? We have compiled a list of cold drinks and ice cream products that are kosher locally, based on information we were able to obtain.

Slurpees at 7-Eleven is an oldie but goodie. However, not all flavors of slurpees are kosher. For a full list of kosher slurpee flavors see here.

QuikTrip has Fountain drinks, Freezonis and hot Cappuccinos, and we've recently publicized that the soft serve ice cream and vanilla cones are kosher. For a full list of kosher drinks from QT see here: (soft serve is not on the list, but we have confirmed independently that it is kosher) 

Baskin Robins
Baskin Robins ice cream is kosher, except for their Rocky Road flavor. None of the local outlets are directly under Star-k supervision, so we do not recommend any of their cakes or products made in-house or sealed without a hechsher on the label.

Blue Chip Cookie
Blue Chip Cookie is a small ice cream shop in Town Center shopping plaza. Last year they changed to an ice cream supplier that is certified kosher. None of the other products in the shop are certified kosher. A cutout of the label is affixed to the glass near each flavor, so you can confirm that your choice is kosher. We recommend asking that the scoop is washed before use since there are a couple of non-kosher flavors.

Andy's Frozen Custard
Andy's Frozen Custard recently opened a store in front of Lowes, at 95th and Metcalf. We have verified that the frozen custard, both vanilla and chocolate, are kosher. We have not yet obtained information regarding the various toppings for mixes and "concretes." We therefore can only recommend at this time plain scoops of frozen custard.


For more information from the Vaad, click here.

Rabbi Yitzchak Mizrahi
Executive Director, Vaad HaKashruth of Kansas City
(913) 235-6077

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