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Parents say it best!

CDC Testimonials

Avi loves the CDC, and is always raving about his amazing teachers and friends. He loves singing all of his circle time songs, telling us about his jobs in the classroom, and insists that we say the pledge of allegiance whenever he sees “the America flag”. Thank you so much for making him feel welcome and safe in school.

Tammy & Jeremy, parents of Avi


Thank you so much. Your school took care of our baby, caring for him almost like one of their own, providing the warmth and comfort, so comforting was it that at times I must admit that Bhasvat did forget to comeback to me or home and wanted to remain in his class with his friends. I normally pick my son a bit early around 3 or 4... and on one occasion Bhasvat started crying and didn't want to come. He ran to Miss Tilley and hugged her saying he wants to remain in school. Perplexed, myself and his teacher laughed. To me it summed up everything and I shall remember this association life long and indebted to CDC. To me it's a priceless relationship to cherish. I view CDC more than a day care.

Vatatmaja, parent of Bhasvat


You created a nurturing environment where they learned and laughed, and certainly grew as people. You skillfully managed to equally value/model personal responsibility and letting unimportant things go. That's a tough trick, and the kids are better for it.

Joshua & Shannon, parents of Noa & Ezra


I am also BEYOND impressed with Ada's pre-k teachers. Wow, those women go above and beyond to provide a creative, nurturing environment.

Carrie, parent of Ada & Brooks


We have been thrilled with our experience at the CDC! The learning opportunities as well as the integration of sports and activities has provided an environment where our children can grow and learn some of life’s most important lessons. It is a place where we know the Jewish culture and traditions are being passed on to our future generations and for that we are forever grateful.

Blaine & Jeffrey, parents of Wyatt & Miles


Lillian could only say 3 words when she started at the CDC. The Staff was very accommodating with her needs. I believe the socialization with her friends and teachers was crucial in helping her develop the extensive vocabulary that she has today.

Krisandra, parent of Lillian


Our time at the CDC at The J has been nothing short of spectacular. The growth and joy Jacinda has experienced here is indescribable. We all will miss her attending the CDC but look forward to spending the summers at J Camp!

Kelly, parent of Jacinda


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