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Vacation Days

Vacation Days

Activities and Care for School Breaks and In-Service Days

Kindergarten through 6th Grade | 7:30 am - 3:30 pm (7:30 - 9:00 am drop-off)
Late Care (3:30 - 6:00 pm)

When school isn't in session for breaks or in-service days, The J offers Vacation Days! Each day has a different theme. Activities may include crafts, games, and special events. Some days may also include swimming.

This year, due to Covid-19 guidelines, we will need to structure Vacation Days differently. We will have limited spots available. To enroll, you need to contact staff at least 2 days in advance. Contact Barry or Katie.

The cost for Vacation Days is generally $44 for Members and $66 for guests.
If we have a special speaker, the cost is $55 for Members and $78 for guests.
Late Care is $10/day for Members and $15/day for guests.
Pre-Enrollment and payment is required prior to participation.

View 2020-21 Vacation Days Schedule

Your child needs to bring a sack lunch, including a drink. Please do not bring pork or shellfish. Or parents can choose to pre-purchase lunch with enrollment. The lunch cost is $6.75 per person and is a Kosher hot lunch from the Heritage Center. If interested in purchasing lunch for Vacation Days, please contact Barry or Katie.

Swimming may be available on some Vacation Days, depending on the availability of the pool. We will notify registered families so youth can bring their swimsuit and towel.

Cancellation Fee: If requested in advance the cancellation fee will be $10 per person per day. Cancellations on the day of the program will incur a 50% cancellation fee.

Acceptance in the program is conditioned on appropriate behavior in group situations, following rules and directions of staff. If a child needs assistance to successfully function in a group, prior to registering, contact DD Gass at [email protected] or (913) 327-8079.

Questions? Contact Barry Birkmeyer at (913) 327-8098 or by e-mail.


Financial Assistance: The J offers financial assistance for After-School at The J and Vacation Day enrollment. Your financial information will be completely confidential. After completing the application process, you will receive a financial assistance letter via email.

Learn More + Apply

If you have questions about the application process, please contact Tammy Ruder at (913) 981-8878 or via email.



School-Age Children Snow Days

A Snow Vacation Day program may be offered when area schools are closed for inclement weather. The J Management staff will determine if the program will be open and the hours of the program based on weather conditions. Check The J website to for weather related announcements. The hours may vary depending on road conditions.

Pre-Registration is required for a Snow Vacation Day. We are limited in how many youth we are able to enroll for a Snow Vacation Day. Please call (913) 327-8098 or (913) 327-8079 to request to be enrolled.

The cost for the Snow Vacation Day is $44 for Members and $66 for guests.
Late Care is 3:30-6 pm with a cost of $10 for Members and $15 for guests.
Payment is required for participation.

Each child needs to bring a lunch. Please no pork or shellfish.

If the weather conditions worsen during the day, the program availability may change. The J does not call the media regarding the availability of critically needed care on Snow Days. Please watch The J website for updates.

Early School Closings Due to Weather or Other Emergencies

Due to the last-minute nature of these events, the After-School program staff will work with zTrip/10/10 Taxi to provide transportation. Please be patient as weather conditions may cause increased travel times.

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