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J Massage


Experience a massage that melts away the stresses of your day and brings comfort to your entire body.

We offer many options, the choice is yours.

Style: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Sports, Senior, Young Athlete
Length: 60 or 90 minutes
Pressure: Light, Medium, Firm

Massage Options

Swedish | 60 or 90 minutes : Uses long connective strokes to warm up the muscle tissue, releasing tension and gradually breaking up “knots” in the muscle. Swedish massage can range from gentle to vigorous, depending on the client’s desired outcome and tolerance.

Deep Tissue | 60 or 90 minutes : Utilizes traditional massage strokes to relieve tension in muscles, tendons and ligaments, but the movement is slower and the pressure is deeper. Therapists may use fingertips, knuckles, hands, elbows and forearms to achieve the desired results, which may help with back pain, mobility, inflammation and recovery from injuries.

Prenatal | 60 minutes : Supports prenatal health by reducing anxiety, relieving muscle aches and lower back pain, and improving circulation. Varying techniques are used to to help reduce inflammation and discomfort in a relaxing atmosphere. Therapist can address specific client needs and customize based on where the mother-to-be is in her pregnancy.

Sports| 60 minutes : Uses a  variety of massage techniques used to calm and sooth the body after a workout or personal training. May also be beneficial for the purpose of aiding injury recovery time or treating pathology.

Senior | 60 or 90 minutes : Includes Swedish techniques applied with light to medium pressure and gentle range of motion. Benefits include: increased circulation, flexibility and range of motion, improved elasticity, tone of skin and muscle, and natural joint lubrication. Massage may result in decreased joint inflammation and reduction of muscle pain.

Young Athlete | 45 minutes : Promotes flexibility for developing muscles and ligaments and helps to prevent sports-related injuries. Massage improves posture and body image. Appropriate for those up to age 17. Parents may be present in the room during session. Massage is performed over clothing.

Massage Pricing

Individual Massage Pricing:

Swedish | Deep Tissue | Sports
60 minutes: $60 (Members) | $75 (non-members)
90 minutes: $90 (Members) | $105 (non-members)

60 minutes: $67 (Members) | $82 (non-members)

60 minutes: $55 (Members) | $65 (non-members)
90 minutes: $80 (Members) | $97.50 (non-members)

Young Athlete
45 minutes: $45 (Members only)

Add on services:
Chinese Cupping: $20
Reflexology: $20
Facial Massage: $20

Massage Packages (J Members only):

2 pack | 60 minutes | $115 (reg. $120)

4 pack | 60 minutes | $220  (reg. $240)          

2 pack | 90 minutes | $175 (reg. $180)

4 pack | 90 minutes | $340  (reg. $360)

Prenatal 2 pack | 60 minutes | $129 (reg. $134)

Prenatal 4 pack | 60 minutes | $248 (reg. $268)

Senior 2 pack | 60 minutes | $105 (reg. $110)

Senior 4 pack | 60 minutes | $200  (reg. $220)

2 hours | $120

Massage Therapists:

Debbie Hennecke

Debbie is both a practitioner and instructor of massage therapy. She received her initial certification from the Johnson County Community College School of Massage Therapy in 2002, and has since earned National Accreditation. She is trained in a wide variety of modalities including Swedish, Esalen and reflexology. She has advanced training and specializes in therapeutic techniques for seniors as well as individuals of all ages with health challenges and special needs. In addition, she has advanced training in pregnancy massage, pediatric massage and massage for cancer patients and survivors.

Debbie practices in both Kansas and Missouri at several locations and has provided massage services at the Jewish Community Center since 2003.

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