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Group Fitness at The J

The J offers 100+ Group Fitness classes for all ages and skill levels. As a Member of The J, all of these classes are free! Be sure to check one out, it's perfect for making new friends while you get in shape. 

We offer everything from lower impact pilates, yoga, and water aerobics, to higher intensity weight lifting, cardio classes, and cycling. 

Check out our Group Fitness Schedule to find free classes: 



Special Upcoming Events

Community is a big aspect of Group Fitness! Sometimes we like to have special events for members and guests to have a great workout then socialize with friends (and maybe make a few new ones!) Join us for an upcoming event:

For Members + Guests

 Gears and Beers


Special Programs

Special programs are often limited-run classes with a unique element not provided in our typical Group Fitness classes. Some are just for members (and those with a free 5 Day Pass), others are open to all. Check out our current and upcoming special programming:

Just For Members

Boot Camp BoxingF.I.T CampKinesisKrav Maga

For Members + Guests

Fighting Parkinson's: Rock Steady Boxing + Movement Classes

We'll Bring the Workout to You

 Fitness on the Go

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