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Get Fit

Personal Trainers That Come To You

The J Fitness on the Go

No longer is your workout excuse "the gym is too far." You can get in a quick and effective workout anytime, anywhere. The J's Fitness on the Go van provides certified coaches and personal trainers that come to you. They will meet you where you're at -- both physically and with your goals!

Where can we train? Anywhere!

Have an empty conference room? Grassy spot outside the office? Parking lot? Driveway? Nearby park?
We've seen and done it all.

We'll work with what you have and make the workout accessible to everyone.

We offer anything you can do at the gym, such as

  • BootCamp
  • TRX
  • Yoga + Pilates
  • Meshugge CrossFit ®
  • Les Mills
  • Zumba
  • Personal Training

Pricing - Group training as low as $50 a visit!

  • Groups consist of 15 people or less
  • 1x a week = $75
  • 2x a week ($65 per) = $130
  • BEST DEAL!  3x a week ($50 per) = $150


What's your excuse now?

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