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Encore! Competition Team 

AUDITIONS - 4:30 - 6 pm in Studio 3  

2020 Date Coming Soon

Cost: $5

Performance Team

Performance Team is a class available for students in 1st-8th grade. The group performs 4-5 times throughout the year in the community. The goal of the group is to build our confidence in our performance ability, as well as to share the joy of dance with others. Students must be enrolled in at least one other Encore class to participate in Performance Team. Performance Team focus on the dance and does not work on technique during rehearsal times. The students on the Performance Team are seen as leaders at our studio. They must lead by example and know that they are a part of a team. Students are expected to be in class, and may not miss the rehearsal before a performance or they will be asked to sit out the performance. Performance Team costumes are provided for a rental fee. All students must have tan slip-on jazz shoes. Dance attire and dance shoes required. Hair must be pulled up. Audition required.


Competition Team 

For students who want to compete in dance locally and regionally: solos, duos, trios, and possibly small groups. Extra rehearsals/private lesson fees, choreography fee, entry fees, costume & make-up fees. Students will participate in 2-3 competitions during 2nd semester and highest scoring solos will perform a recital as well as team pieces. Competitions take place on the weekends.  Please contact Maggie for the competition packet to inquire about fees, scheduling and additional requirements. Audition required.


For more information, to enroll, or to register for auditions, please contact Maggie at (913) 327-4612.

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