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Personal Training Success Story: Corey

At 47 years old, Corey Samberg found it difficult to climb a flight of stairs.

“My lifestyle was so stagnant that everyday mundane tasks were challenging. Getting in and out of the car was difficult. I really thought I was in danger of dying if I exerted myself too much.  There was no dramatic epiphany, I just came to realize that that if I wanted to be around for my daughter’s graduation, her wedding, her life, then I was going to need to make a change.”

He took some advice.

“My dad had always instilled in me that if you don’t know something, you seek the advice of someone who does. Typically, people are happy to share their knowledge. My sisters are workout fanatics and they both suggested working with a trainer. I’ve been connected to The J since I was a kid and I have been a Member myself for at least 20 years.  I was embarrassed that it had been more than six years since I’d done any sort of physical exercise, so it did take some courage to pick up the phone and call.”

Corey met with Regina Butel, Personal Training Coordinator. After an initial assessment in June 2016, she paired Corey with Personal Trainer, Cameron Schmidt.

“I needed structure and Cameron gave me that. I only meet with Cameron two times a week, but I work out four other times each week. He has helped me devise a routine. If it’s a Tuesday, I know what workout I’m doing that day.”

In the spirit on honesty.

“It wasn’t fun at first. Just wearing workout clothes was humbling. And, I’m sure Cam was trying to figure out what he had to work with. Personally, I hated cardio. But, when your Trainer gives it to you, you do it.”

Corey made practical changes to his lifestyle.

“I’ve always had a big appetite, but I was still eating the way I did when I was a kid. I am not the person who’s going to track every calorie I eat, but I knew I could change what I ate, how much and how often. Manageable lifestyle choices. Portion control. I used to eat McDonald’s. Now I eat proteins, salads, eggs, smart carbs and I drink a lot of water. ” 

Trainer Cameron Schmidt encouraged Corey to share his story.

“Corey has had to overcome various injuries and setbacks that could easily have discouraged him and made him want to quit, but together as a team, we have not let anything get in the way of accomplishing the mission of getting stronger, losing weight, and constantly improving. Good planning and hard work have been crucial to Corey's success. There have been no easy tricks or quick shortcuts. Corey gives maximum effort every day no matter what. I keep setting the bar higher, and then Corey goes beyond what I expect of him. That's been the x-factor for his improvements. He used to not like failing at any exercise, but now he's learned that failure in the gym is the beginning of growth. Being pushed past what you think is possible is a humbling experience but Corey has whole-heartedly embraced it and look at him now. Corey is inspiring to me and to everyone because of his determination and never-give-up attitude. It's been an honor to see his transformation. I’m glad he is willing to share a little about his experience because I believe it will resonate with a lot of people.” 

Cameron has been there for every new challenge.

“While I could have tried this on my own, working with a trainer has been fantastic. Someone to be accountable to is extremely helpful in all aspects of your life. It keeps you on point. And that’s true of Personal Training. There’s no way I would be at the point I am without Cam. Even when I couldn’t see the improvements, he could. He knows when to step in and when to step out. For me, he is a guide.”

Success is simple, but it’s not always easy.

“Based on personal experience, you can either have excuses or results, but not both. I had excuse after excuse … ‘I can’t do this because I’m too big. I may actually die.’ Getting past the initial fear is the most difficult step. It’s true I’ve had some setbacks, but I’ve only ever missed one out of 187 workouts. You gotta get up, go to the gym.”  

Corey lost more than 100 pounds and gained a whole new perspective.

“People I don’t even know have come up to me at The J to give me compliments and support. It’s been really humbling. But, when my daughter noticed, that was really encouraging. I remember her saying ‘Wow, Dad, I can actually put my arms around you!’”

What have you got for me today?

“I feel better physically and mentally. Cholesterol and blood pressure are improved. My energy level is through the roof. Getting in and out of a car used to be difficult and now I’m running on the track, which I haven’t done in 15 years. I have no plans to stop. Eventually, I want to do an endurance race with my daughter.  I enjoy working with Cam even more now because I have something to prove. I’m like ‘what have you got for me today?’”

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