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Lunch & Camp Store


Camp Store

You can order store items when you enroll your camper through CampDoc. Or download the J Camp Store order form and return to The J’s Front Reception Desk or scan and e-mail it to us. Campers will receive their store items during Camper Orientation or the first week they attend Camp.


J Camp Lunch

Campers have the option to bring a sack lunch or to purchase catered lunches. When bringing lunch, please refrain from shellfish and pork and nuts. Juice and water are provided daily.

Optional Lunch Enrollment for J Camp*

*Lunches are listed by the per week price first, then MWF price, then per day.

J Camp Lunch Menu J Camp Kosher Lunch Menu

During J Camp and special sessions, May 26 – August 7, campers can choose to bring their own lunch or pre-order purchase through CampDoc or use the form. Due to the nature of the program, lunch is not available for Ma’asim Tovim campers.

We have two options for ordering lunch:

  1. Hy-Vee will provide a kosher-style meal which will not contain nuts. The cost is $24.50 per week | $14.70 for MWF | $4.90 per day. 
  2. The J Heritage Center Kitchen will provide a Vaad supervised Kosher lunch which will not contain nuts. The cost is $28.75 per week | $17.25 for MWF | $5.75 per day.

Lunches are sold on a pre-order basis by the full week or MWF campers can choose that option. During the special sessions (May 26 - May 29; August 3-7 ), and July Jamboree (June 29 - July 3), lunches are available by the day./p>

Ma’asim Tovim campers can purchase lunch during July Jamboree./p>

J Campers who have ordered lunch will be provided a sack lunch on field trip days if campers are eating off-site.

Lunch fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Orders must be placed the Wednesday before the camp week starts. Lunch menus will be posted on JCampKC.org starting May 15.

View Sample Menu


How To Order:

You can order lunch through CampDoc Online registration, or print & return the lunch form to The J’s Front Reception Desk. Or, scan and email it to us.

If you have questions, please contact us via e-mail or at (913) 327-8004.


CDC Camp Lunch

Children in CDC camp can choose to bring their own lunch, or order a Vaad supervised, kosher lunch during the enrollment process on CampDoc.

If you have questions, please contact us via e-mail or at (913) 327-8051.


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