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Date: February 27, 2020
Time: 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

From Colony to State: A military History of the Birth of the State of Israel

1st of a 3-part series

Location: MAC Room

Cost: Free


Lecture 1: "With Special Operations as Midwife: The Paramilitaries and the British in the Second World War."

This lecture will explore the lesser known aspects of the relationship between the Haganah, IZL, and the British during the Second World War. It will tell the story of the cooperation between the paramilitaries and the British Special Operations Executive (SOE) as well as how a series of daring and desperate plans helped shape Israel’s future wars. In doing so, it shows how the foundation for the War of Independence was laid by cooperation and lessons learned from the SOE.


Preregister with the Heritage Center at (913) 327-8044.


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Lecture 2: "How the British lost Palestine, 1945-49"

March 26 

This lecture will look at the period from the beginning of the Irgun Revolt in 1944 until the British decide to leave in 1947. It will explore the political intrigue and military activity that secured Palestine Mandate for the British and then demonstrate how these activities meant the British could no longer hold the territory. It will show the changes in the approach the British undertook and how the paramilitaries reacted, all of which led to the eventual decision of 29th November 1947.


Lecture 3: "Winning the State: The War of Independence, 1947-49"

April 23

An overview of the military history of the War of Independence, while exploring some of the critical and forgotten dynamics and campaigns of the war, culminating in independence and a secure statehood.


About The Presenter

Jacob Stoil is an Assistant Professor at the US Army School of Advanced Military Studies. He holds a DPhil from Oxford University, an MA in History of Warfare, a BA in War Studies and an AKC in comparative religion and philosophy from King’s College London. Dr. Stoil has published on topics in Israeli military history, the history of the Second World War, and aspects of contemporary conflict.






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